Invyr UHMWPE Linear Stems [110 Pack] [V1] [B2]

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Unlike stems made in the traditional material of POM, these stems are made of UHMWPE. The intention of the material change is utilise UHMWPE's self lubricating properties and low friction coefficient for a smoother typing experience. 

Kit Contents / Compatibility:

Contains 110x UHMWPE Linear Stems, compatible with majority of standard MX style switch housings. (There is a known issue that some of the stems will be a little too large to fit into a Cherry MX housing. Extras are included in case of this)

Additional Notes:

The need of additional lubricant is debatable, but should you choose to lubricate your switches, I would recommend Tribosys 3203.

The current details of the stems you are purchasing are:

Version: 0001

Production Batch: 0002


Any issues or questions, send an email to me: 


 If you are in the United States - and are willing to wait, and want cheaper shippng: 1upkeyboards and switchmod should be stocking some soon.