(RAMA WORKS x Invyr) Aluminium Keycap (Late Buy)


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Product Description

This is for late buys.


Beautifully crafted 6061 Aluminium Keycaps, anodised and sandblasted to perfection.

These premium quality caps are closest to a SA profile, row 3 variant.

This is a group buy, it will be available until 26/Aug/2016 11:59PM AEST.

Designed by RAMA – www.rama.works.

NOTE: This is not a release of an official RAMA cap, but a collaborative effort between ZISB(Invyr) and RAMA to bring to the community low cost SA profile key caps. This is separate from the work that RAMA produces out of RAMA WORKS and will differ in its presentation and packaging.

also for the warning/note:

Unfortunately, not all Cherry MX Stems are made equal. The stem cross for each switch type vary heavily. You will find that the precisely dimensioned RAMA SA 3 (WHITELABEL) will fit perfectly on some switches, and very loosely on others.

In the event of a loose fitting cap, place a piece of tape across the stem and push onto the switch. This will act as a shim to fill the gap between the cross and the stem.


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