Invyr Panda Switch (Individuals)


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Product Description

This product is a collaborative effort between Mech27 and Invyr.


This purchase will contain 1 switch.

The GB will be ran in parts.

Part 1 – 2 weeks
This is the initial buy period where you can get the switches the cheapest. After this period the price will increase mildly ($75 for 110)

Part 2 – 2 weeks
The order will be placed with the manufacturer, manufacturing of prototypes will begin, once prototypes are completed they will be tested, if anything needs changing, it will be. Select trusted community members will also receive the prototypes to review and test.

Part 3 – 2-2 weeks
Full scaled production will begin, this is only expected to take a week or two.

Part 4 – 2 Weeks
Switches will be shipped.

Part 5 – Forseable Future
Leftover switches will be available for sale on mech27.com and invyr.com


The goal of this project was to create the smoothest possible factory linear switch. The manufacturer we have chosen for this project has provided samples that (without our tuning) are already smoother than the Gateron equivalent. The switches are made from POM, the standard self lubricating material used in switches, which will ensure a consistent and lasting quality.

Our tuning includes a 67g spring, and additional lubrication on both the slider and housing. The moulds we are using for both the top and stem will be produced for our order.

For aesthetic purposes we have chosen to make both the top and bottom housings in a ivory white.


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